Friday, October 5, 2012

Side of Rice with your Taco??

Since my post for National Taco Day was such a big hit, I thought I'd share my favorite dish for eating alongside of tacos:

Mexican Rice

Behold, the best gosh-darn, Mexican Rice you will ever have!  When I am not making the Cilantro-Lime rice from Viva Vegan, and have a little extra prep time on my hands, THIS is the rice I make for chomping alongside tacos.

Now, the original recipe can be found here, on the site formerly know as Recipe*zaar. (It has now been taken over by Food Network, and is a bit too corporate, and full of non-vegan ads for my taste... Now, I have Pinterest, which is a whole other addiction)! And the best part is: you only need to do one simple thing to make this recipe vegan: substitute the chicken broth to VEGETABLE.

This fantastic recipe was posted by Chef Pot Scrubber, a most colorful and vibrant member of the site.  Check out his profile page here, and see what I mean!

"Are you craving that great Mexican rice from your favorite taco stand? Here it is. This is just like a good Mexican restaurant rice. Many recipes taste good... but the texture just isn't right. You know how it is... you have prepared scores of Mexican rice recipes but always have been disappointed. It may be delicious but kinda "gloopy and wet." Try this. Everything is pureed and cooked in. There are no chunks of anything... just dry fluffy rice with all the seasonings and just the tiniest hint of a tomato flavor. I will throw away all of my Mexican rice recipes- this is the one I have been looking for for years! ... Proceed at your own peril if you stray. Enjoy". ~Chef Pot Scrubber

When you click on the link above, you will be brought to the most THOROUGH recipe instructions that I think I have ever read... or followed, for that matter.  Follow them to a "tee", and you will be enjoying some might fine Mexican rice in no time.

Mexican Rice

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