Friday, November 18, 2011

Recipe Testing: White Rice & Black Beans

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This is the first recipe I tried as a tester for Terry Hope Romero's new International Cookbook, scheduled to hit shelves next Fall!

White Rice and Black Beans is Terry's delicious spin on the dish commonly know as 'Moors and Christians'.  Now, if you already own Viva Vegan!, you KNOW that Terry's Latin inspired dishes are fantastic, so why should this one be any different.  I chose this one first, because I had all the ingredients on hand in my pantry, and it could be simmered all in one pot. what i loved most about this recipe is that it was so simple, yet the flavors really shined! I served mine with fresh avocado slices, and of course, some hot sauce.

This dish happened to fall into the rotation for my weekly: 'Cooking with Becky & Kathy Night', and my dear friend, Kathy ended up taking ALL the leftovers home! I was actually sad, but to me, any guest who leaves with leftovers is a culinary success in my book! ^_^
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Big Thank You to all my MOFO Readers!

I apologise for loosing some steam part way through, BUT, I sincerely appreciate ALL of you who took the time to take a peek, and leave comments on my blog!!

You see, I LOVE to cook. Whether it's following an intricate recipe for the first time, or raiding my pantry for a quick weeknight meal,  the process of putting together and cooking (vegan) meals brings me nothing but joy.  [Like AS excited as that little monster on my magnet up there!!]

My 6-year old iMac is showing signs of dimentia, so that has seriously put a cramp in my computer blogging time...


I am happy to announce that I am helping Terry Hope Romero test recipes for her new International Cookbook!  So if you are tempted by Food Porn, please visit again for some new photos, and preview some FANTASTIC dishes from around the world ^_^