Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super Green: Just like Kermit

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This new juicer has really got me hooked!  Today's gorgeously GREEN selection is:

1 Cucumber
1 Celery stalk
4 Kale leaves
1 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
1/2 lemon, peeled
1/2" piece of ginger

No need to peel.  I only do if the cucumber has wax, or if it is not organic.  Then, juice away.  This stuff is fantastic, so bright and fresh from the lemon and ginger.

A little background here:

My better-half is not only NOT vegan, but a die-hard carnivore. (A very vegan friendly carnivore, but a meat-eater, nonetheless).  This fact makes for interesting meal-times, BUT my vegan cooking has managed to win her over.

However, there are some ingredients that she won't touch.  My aversion to cow's milk and a hunk of steak is the equivalent of her hatred of LEAFY GREENS.  Now, all hard-hitting vegans with any nutritional sense at all know that kale, swiss chard, spinach, and collard greens are regarded as nutritional goddesses in the plant-based world.  But, my dear L will not touch them.  Whole, raw, cooked, or OVER-cooked (not by me, mind you) she runs from greens like they were a steaming bowl of toxic waste.

This makes me sad, as I do love me a big plate of sautéed greens, but just as she does not bring meat and dairy in our home for me to cook, so do I choose NOT to base a whole meal around dark, leafy greens.  That's just not fair... (I wait 'til she's somewhere else for dinner, and then go crazy)!

So, a while back, we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netlfix.  We are truly documentary gluttons, and can crank through 4 or 5 in one sitting if the mood strikes.  This particular story struck a chord in L, and she toyed with the idea of possibly wanting to try a juice fast, or at least add raw juice into our diets.  But juicers are expensive, and noisy, and messy, and I needed another appliance like I needed a hole in the head.  Plus with L's intense hatred of leafy greens, I though the whole juice fast idea would go down in flames with her first sip of a freshly pressed curly kale leaf.

Fast forward to the week of July 4th, 2012.  Provincetown Vacation - one whole week of fun and sun!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

There is the most fantastic organic market in town:  141 Bradford Natural Market which is a vegan's dream come true.  It's a tad on the pricey side, but when you rent a beach house for the week, and bring in all your own food, it's nice to know there is a place where you can run in, and pick up hummus, freshly baked bread, soy coffee creamer, kombucha or even Daiya cheese, if you want!

They also have a RAW JUICE BAR.

We wandered in the there on day 2 of our vacation, just to check the place out.  L found herself in line at the juice bar, and ordered herself up a big, tall glass of GREEN juice: kale, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger, to be exact.  With her hatred of all things green, I thought to myself "why on Earth..."?? So, I waited with baited breath at her reaction to her first sip...

Well, she thought it was FANTASTIC, and I, well let's just say, I was thrilled. And, it was there I knew, that juicing was in our future ^_^

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  1. Becky, I'm sure the lemon and ginger brought the juice together nicely. Sounds like a cool way to enjoy the Summer months.