Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So now I have a giant lunchmeat...

...BUT boy does it taste GOOD!! 

I'm not sure what it IS about this log o'seitan: the spices, the taste, the texture... but, I think I like it.  It has a totally different texture than any of the seitan I've ever had before. If memory serves me correctly, I'd say it's something like spicy bologna or mild pepperoni...

So, I sliced it and cut it into triangles, and made a fajita, or soft taco...or quesadilla... something along those lines.

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I sauteed the seitan pieces in a little olive oil, added some baby spinach leaves...

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then melted a mound of shredded TEESE over it (Thanks to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival: Teese is not sold in stores here...)

Wrapped this up in a whole wheat tortilla and dinner was ready.

Sauteing the seitan pieces give them a wonderful, crispy outside.  Be sure not to overcook, as the pieces can get dry and had VERY quickly ^_^

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