Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

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Pillsbury "GRANDS", step aside. There's some pure, non-hydrogenated goodness  coming from my kitchen.
I follow a lot of vegans on Twitter, and occasionally, a recipe pops up in my Twitter feed that really catches my eye.  The recipe for the flaky, fluffy pillows of goodness pictured above, comes from the blog: Where's the Revolution.  I posted a direct link to it so you can check it out and try them; I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed!! 

I'm not on Twitter a lot, so I am quite surprised that I even caught Bazu's tweet. It must have been fate, because at the time, I just so happened to be looking for a simple, yet mind blowing, flaky biscuit recipe!! So I marked it with a star, and vowed to get back to it later... (it ended up being months later, but better late than never...)

Now, some background on me and biscuit making:

I have tried the Vegan with a Vengeance Biscuits and Tempeh Sausage gravy recipe:

Biscuits and Tempeh Sausage Gravy

Gravy was two thumbs up for me, but not so much for L (who is an avid tempeh hater, and devout sausage gravy fan...) Probably not the best gravy to make for her, but, oh well, I tried.

The biscuits turned out pretty well too, except for the fact that I did not have biscuit cutters at the time, and resorted to using a glass. Definitely not the best move on my part, as you can see:  I committed the cardinal sin of biscuit making by twisting the glass to cut through my dough, resulting in no fluffy, flaky sides at all :(

Breakfast Biscuits

So, one Pampered Chef party later, and I had me some brand new biscuit cutters in FOUR sizes!!
 These work wonderfully! Can you see the difference between the ones above and these?

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I though so!

So, for a change of pace, one weekend morning, treat yourself to some home made baked biscuits.  I serve mine piping hot from the oven, with lots of Earth Balance vegan margarine, and blackberry or strawberry jam. A batch of ten can usually serve TWO in my house ^_^

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


  1. As soon as I saw tis picture in my blog feed I thought 'wow, those look as good as Bazu's biscuits'! Nice work!

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